MP Accu-P® Series

Features & Benefits
  • High stability with respect to time, temperature, frequency and voltage variation
  • Tight tolerance available
    (up to +/- 0.01 pF)
  • Thin Film Technology guarantees minimal batch to batch variability of parameters at high frequency
Typical Applications
  • Pacemakers
  • Implantable Defibrillators
  • Nerve Stimulators
  • Implantable Hearing Aids
  • Medical Sensors

KYOCERA AVX Thin Film technology incorporates highly pure electrode systems and low-K dielectric for high breakdown field, high insulation resistance and low losses to frequencies above 40GHz. The data sheet shows our standard range of values, voltages and tolerances available. We also have charts showing the RF performance at select frequencies with typical data supplied including effective capacitance at frequency, ESR, and Q. KYOCERA AVX also offers a complete list of S2P files for each available value as well as libraries for the most often used design software.

Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

MP Accu-P® Series
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Design Tools
Design Tools
KYOCERA AVX and Modelithics have partnered to offer FREE 90-Day trials of highly accurate, scalable advanced simulation models for various KYOCERA AVX parts including this part as well as Attenuators, Capacitors, Couplers, Inductors, Diplexers, Resistors.
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