TES Series | QPL ESCC – Tantalum Capacitors

Features & Benefits
  • QPL ESCC approved series
  • Manufactured in EU, ESA qualified plant, according to ESCC 3012
  • Detailed specification 3012/004
  • Low ESR designed parts, multianode D and E case included
  • Robust against higher thermo-mechanical stresses during assembly process
  • CV range 1.0 – 470µF/6.3 – 50V
  • Improved reliability design

Rated for 1-470μF and 6.3-50V, TES Series tantalum SMD chip capacitors offer higher capacitance and lower ESR values than any existing ESCC-qualified tantalum devices designed for use in aerospace applications. Available in five miniature sizes spanning 3216-18 to 7343-43 and in single and multianode cases, the series also provides design engineers with several downsizing options, enabling significant reductions in both payload and physical space, which are extremely beneficial in aerospace applications.