TWS – DLA 13017

Wet Tantalum
Features & Benefits
  • Qualified to DLA 13017
  • Voltage range from 25V to 100V; Operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C
  • Standard case sizes T1 through T4
Typical Applications
  • Defense/Avionics
  • DC-DC Power Supplies
  • Power Converters
  • Bulk Energy Storage
  • Pulse Power

The TWS series, built to the requirements of DLA 13017, represents a family of axial leaded wet tantalum capacitors that encompasses the high capacitance values of DLA 93026 with additional mechanical stability for increased vibration capability. Components built to DLA 13017 also see enhanced thermal shock testing with an increase from the standard 30 cycles to 300 cycles. In addition, this family includes reverse voltage testing in accordance with MIL-PRF39006, with a maximum dc potential of -3 V. Customized capacitance and voltage packages are possible and welcomed. Contact the factory about design possibilities beyond those contained in this datasheet.

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Part Number Information

DLA 13017
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