Passive Components for GaN Based Devices

Passive Components for GaN Based Devices
Written By: Ron Demcko | Daniel West
The theoretical limits of Silicon-based device performance are fast approaching, and in some cases, already here. Therefore, IC (integrated circuit) design companies have turned their efforts into driving costs down while increasing the performance of wide band gap semiconductors such as GaN (Gallium Nitride).

GaN based power and RF (Radio Frequency) devices are now available from multiple manufacturers at affordable prices due to those intensive efforts.

Multiple sources have documented GaN based semiconductor performance advantages of faster speed, lower loss, and higher frequency-voltage-temperature operation. Those advantages are, in turn, enabling end systems that have enhanced performance on lower power consumption levels in smaller and lighter packages, which are more reliable.

GaN devices have needs for high performance passive components and create a need for whole new families of passive devices.