We Are KYOCERA AVX | Xiaorong Liu

Xiaorong Liu holds a doctorate in electrochemistry which lead him into the field of supercapacitors, working in equal parts as a scientist, inventor, and engineer. He has worked on supercapacitors for over ten years, developing hands-on manufacturing process skills that allow him to develop better products. He continues to move forward in his career with KYOCERA AVX, where opportunities and state-of-the-art technology are provided to create future-focused supercapacitors.

We Are KYOCERA AVX | Evan Babula

Evan has worked at KYOCER AVX for over 3 years, growing within our Ceramic Technology Development team: his flexibility and experience in continuous improvement led Evan to lead as the liaison between headquarters and our Malaysia plant, where he helps to integrate the latest technological improvements on our manufacturing lines. Evan champions teamwork, demonstrating that there is strength in a diversity of ideas

We Are KYOCERA AVX | Amanda Brock

After graduating with a degree in business management, Amanda Brock joined KYOCERA AVX and has grown over the past five years in her role: she aspired to continue and create a lasting positive impact at KYOCERA AVX. She loves our company culture and that we are employee-driven: KYOCERA AVX provides our employees with opportunities to learn, develop and continue their education.

We Are KYOCERA AVX | Bethany O’Donnell

Bethany began working at KYOCERA AVX part-time as an engineering university student, noting that her studies helped her succeed in her work here as much as her hands-on experience at KAVX helped her to complete her studies and earn her engineering master’s degree. Bethany’s performance led to a full-time role at KYOCERA AVX. She notes that her supportive coworkers and the variety of projects she works on as a team grow not only her confidence but her skills. 

We Are KYOCERA AVX | Mirabela Balaci

We Are KYOCERA AVX | Mirabela Balaci

Mirabela started her journey with AB/TT/AVX: now KYOCERA AVX: as a project buyer in 2013, a team leader in procurement in 2014, and a Procurement Manager starting in 2015. During these years she has built, managed, coached, and developed a high performing team that meets agreed objectives, delivers best practice results, added value and continuous improvements, and has conducted research to source the best products and suppliers, in terms of best value, delivery schedules and quality. Her team has established an excellent procurement system and achieved outstanding results in all the KPIs year after year. In March 2022, Mirabela started her new role with KYOCERA AVX as a local Plant manager.