Evan Babula
The Pioneer: Evan
3+ Years | Engineer II

“My favorite part of working at KYOCERA AVX has been the opportunities to travel and work with colleagues in other countries,” says Evan. Evan provides engineering support for ceramic technology development globally at KYOCERA AVX.

Evan has worked at KYOCER AVX for over 3 years, growing within our Ceramic Technology Development team: his flexibility and experience in continuous improvement led Evan to lead as the liaison between headquarters and our Malaysia plant, where he helps to integrate the latest technological improvements on our manufacturing lines. Evan champions teamwork, demonstrating that there is strength in a diversity of ideas

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Greenville, SC Plant

  Working At KYOCERA AVX

What has been your favorite part about working here so far?

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As an integral part of our vision statement, KYOCERA AVX will foster an environment where our employees can reach their full potential. Follow this series as we highlight distinguished employees at our global KYOCERA AVX locations. A special thank you to Evan Babula for her consent to interview and publish this article.