Xiaorong Liu
The Inventor: Xiaorong
1+ Years | Engineering Manager – SuperCapacitors

“I believe my work today will improve tomorrow’s world.” Xiaorong Liu leads a department that develops the ceramic technology of tomorrow at KYOCERA AVX

Xiaorong Liu holds a doctorate in electrochemistry which lead him into the field of supercapacitors, working in equal parts as a scientist, inventor, and engineer. He has worked on supercapacitors for over ten years, developing hands-on manufacturing process skills that allow him to develop better products. He continues to move forward in his career with KYOCERA AVX, where opportunities and state-of-the-art technology are provided to create future-focused supercapacitors.

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As an integral part of our vision statement, KYOCERA AVX will foster an environment where our employees can reach their full potential. Follow this series as we highlight distinguished employees at our global KYOCERA AVX locations. A special thank you to Xiaorong Liu for her consent to interview and publish this article.