Extensive Portfolio of High-Performance, High-Efficiency Patch Antennas

The embedded on-board patch antennas have a small, low-profile form factor optimized for cross-market miniaturization trends and leverage patented isolated magnetic dipole technology to outperform competing solutions, offering higher efficiency, gain, isolation, and directivity characteristics from 1.5–2.4GHz with better return loss and minimal interference.

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (September 14, 2020) – AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control, and antenna solutions, announced its extensive portfolio of high-performance, high-efficiency patch antennas optimized to satisfy demanding connectivity and miniaturization requirements in wireless applications throughout the automotive, industrial, networking, medical, consumer electronics, energy, and transportation industries. Ethertronics’ embedded on-board patch antennas have small, low-profile form factors to achieve both reduced ground plane and keep-out area size requirements for greater design flexibility and higher efficiency, gain, and directivity characteristics from 1.5–2.4GHz for reliable connectivity with better return loss and minimal interference. The range is also RoHS compliant and available with multiple feed points, optional cable connections, and adhesive and through-hole solder pin mounting options. Ideal applications include wireless electronics spanning wearables, IoT devices, gateways, and access points to point-of-sale terminals, tracking systems, telematics, digital signage, on-board diagnostics, connected vehicles, and machine-to-machine communications.

Ethertronics recently expanded its antenna portfolio with the addition of five new series of compact and low-profile, high-performance, high-efficiency embedded on-board patch antennas:

The variety of standard antenna offerings helps engineers reduce design costs and hasten time-to-market by eliminating the additional design fees and extended cycle times associated with custom solutions. In addition, each patch antenna series in the range features independent tuning capabilities for application-specific performance optimization, which is especially beneficial for mobile device designs including smartphones, headsets, tablets, and media players.

“Ethertronics’ range of embedded on-board patch antennas provides OEMs with exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability in small, low-profile form factors designed to satisfy widespread, cross-market demands for size and weight savings,” said Alexander Hall, field applications engineer, AVX. “Ethertronics’ offer improved design flexibility by way of reduced ground plane and keep-out area size requirements and reliable connectivity with higher efficiency, gain, and directivity characteristics, better return loss, and minimal interference from 1.5–2.4GHz.”

Each of the Ethertronics patch antennas in all five series measures a maximum of 25.0mm (±0.2mm) in length, 25.0mm (±0.2mm) in width, and 6.8mm (±0.7mm) in height, weighs between 4.8g and 14.3g, and supports a range of both high-band and ultra-high-band frequencies extending from 1.559–2.485GHz. Typical performance characteristics for each patch antenna series varies depending on its PCB ground plane dimensions (e.g., 50mm x 50mm or 70mm x 70mm) or free-space placement, but can include RHCP polarization, 50Ω unbalanced feed-point impedance, peak gain ranging from 3.0dBi at 1.602GHz to 5.5dBi from 1.575–1.610GHz, average efficiency spanning 51% from 1.559–1.591GHz to 74% from 2.400–2.485GHz, and VSWR match extending from <2:1 for 2.400–2.485GHz frequencies to <1:2.2 for 1.593–1.610GHz frequencies. Ethertronics’ embedded on-board patch antennas are packaged and shipped in plastic trays and currently have an eight-week lead-time. For more information about Ethertronics’ extensive antenna product portfolio, please click the embedded series-specific links above, visit the AVX Antenna Solutions product page, or download the AVX Antenna Selection Guide. To order, please visit the AVX Authorized Distribution Channel. For implementation assistance, including best practices for antenna tuning, please click here. For all other inquiries, please visit www.avx.com, email inquiry@kyocera-avx.com, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, like them on Facebook, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.