Engineering Module (EM) Range X7R & NP0 – BME MLCC for Non Flight Prototype

Engineering Module (EM)
Features & Benefits
  • Selection of non-flight values from the ESCC 3009/041, NASA S311-P838, Mil 32535 ranges
  • Finished with Sn/Pb and Flexiterm® Termination
  • Shortened Lead Times to Meet Customer’s Needs
  • High CV (X7R) Range: 16 – 100 volts | 2.2nF – 22uF
  • High CV (NP0) Range: 4 – 100 volts | 68 pF – 1500 pF

The EM series has been created to meet the growing demand for the space customers when a new design must be developed in a short time. KYOCERA AVX recommends using the EM series of part numbers to meet this demand for nonflight/prototype designs.

Based upon its Space BME X7R (3009041, NASA S311, Mil 32535 ranges) and Space BME NP0 (Mil 32535) surface mount MLCCs the EM series use the same internal design and materials but without the final testing/screening (ESCC/QPL) for shorter lead times makes it the ideal choice.

The EM series can be selected across the 3009/041, NASA S311 and Mil 32535 (X7R and NP0 ) ranges by selecting the matching dielectric, case size, voltage, capacitance value and capacitance tolerance.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Engineering Module (EM)
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