MIL-PRF-32535 X7R BME Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)

Features & Benefits
  • “M” and “T” reliability levels available
  • Higher CV technology resulting in reduced size / weight/ number of components and saving in PCB space required
  • Flexiterm® technology used as standard in range for enhanced thermo-mechanical stress resistance
  • Case sizes 0402 – 2220, cap values 2.2nF – 22.0 uF available
  • Voltages 16 -100 Volts
Typical Applications
  • Science Exploration Satellites
  • Earth Exploration Satellites
  • Communication Satellites
  • Satellite Launchers
  • Military, land, or air based applications

KYOCERA AVX has been approved by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for its qualification of its Mil Prf 32535 BME X7R MLCC technology. Using its leading edge technology KYOCERA AVX can now offer Mil Prf 32535 approved capacitors from 0402 to 2220 case sizes with capacitance & voltage ranging from 2.2nF to 22μF, 16–100 volts, currently. KYOCERA AVXs Mil Prf 32535 meets the designer needs by boosting the CV range compared to the standard surface mount Mil Ranges and reduces the gap between commercial and Mil Spec product ranges while meeting the Mil reliability levels.

The results of this technology has several key benefits for the Mil design engineer resulting in, ability to downsize case sizes, reducing PCB weight and allowing more efficient use of the PCB area available with the higher CV MLCCs. These surface mount components also incorporate Flexiterm®, which greatly enhances resistance to any of the thermo-mechanical stress experienced by MLCCs during PCB assembly and during its life time.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

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