Niobium Oxide for Automotive

Niobium Oxide based solid electrolytic capacitors well suits applications where high reliability, long life and high safety is of primary focus – such as automotive, civil aircraft on board equipment or long operation life industrial devices.

OxiCap® products for these applications offer extremely stable and robust performance, high reliability down to 0.2%/1000hrs at 85°C. Products are up to 125°C or 105°C category temperatures (ref series specification), environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant technology, lead free terminations on SMD designs, same as conventional Tantalum case size, very safe non-burning high resistance failure mode are ideal for all such circuits where maximum 10 rated voltage capacitors are applicable. Series focused to meet AEC-Q200 requirements.

Elektra Award received in 2005 for Product of the Year in Passive Components category.

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KYOCERA AVX offers wide portfolio of Automotive Solid Electrolytic Capacitors in three product families. Each of these technologies bring unique features to best suit the specific requirements for many automotive applications.

Please see the Automotive Guide Brochure for full application recommendations.

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