OxiCap® NOJ Low Profile Series

Features & Benefits
  • Non-Burn Safe Technology
  • Reliability Level: 0.5% / 1000 hrs.
  • 100% Surge Current Tested
  • CV Range: 4.7-470μF / 1.8-10V
  • 5 Case Sizes in Low Profile Available
  • IBM Global Approval Received in 2004
  • Elektra Award Received in 2005
Typical Applications
  • Downsized Industrial and Automotive DC/DCs

Five additional case sizes are available in the NOJ range offering low profile solid niobium oxide capacitors. Designed for applications where maximum height of components above or below board are of prime consideration, this height of 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0mm equates to that of a standard integrated circuit package after mounting. The S&T footprints are identical to the A&B case size parts and the W&Y footprints to C&D case size parts.

Notice: NOJ Series – Select P/N’s (EOL) Product Change Notification | Download Here