TBJ Series | SRC8000 / SRC9000

TBJ Series
Features & Benefits
  • Capacitance ranging from 0.10µF to 680µF
  • Voltage range from 6.3V to 50V
  • Incorporates extensive space level testing
Typical Applications
  • Low Earth Orbit Internet satellite systems
  • Satellites
  • Space exploration vehicles

The TBJ COTS-Plus Space level series has been refined to incorporate only those commercially up-screened ratings which have been deemed suitable for mission critical and space level applications. These capacitors have a more conservative design approach when compared to other up-screened components utilizing established CV powders and higher dielectric formation ratios. The DCL is typically 25% lower while still offering aggressive ESR values. The space level components come standard with Weibull reliability level “C” and surge current option “C” per MIL-PRF-55365 Rev. G. For more details on SRC8000, SRC9000 or T-level specification please contact the factory.