2013 Delphi Pinnacle Award

AVX Czech Republic S.R.O. accepted the highest honor in the Pinnacle Family of Awards for its commitment to & achievement of apex quality, value, & cost performance throughout 2013

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has received a 2013 Delphi Pinnacle Award, which recognizes suppliers for their outstanding contributions to Delphi’s Excellence Culture. The highest honor in the Pinnacle Family of Awards for Supplier Excellence, which is currently celebrating its tenth year, the Pinnacle Award recognizes top Delphi suppliers for their commitment to and achievement of apex quality, value, and cost performance. The award was presented to AVX Czech Republic S.R.O. at the Delphi Global Supplier Conference and Pinnacle Awards on April 8, 2014.

“We are extremely honored to have once again been recognized with a Delphi Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence,” said AVX Vice President of Sales, Pete Venuto. “Delphi is a valued strategic partner for AVX, and we are proud to be recognized for the successful execution of our shared core values with regard to exceeding expectations for product quality, technology, support, value, and performance.”
Delphi recognized 22 suppliers from 14 countries with its 2013 Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence.