AVX Honored by ECN With 2006 Product Technology Award

FLEXITERM™ V+ capacitor awarded in passives and discrete component category

AVX Corporation, a leading international supplier of electronic components, has received a 2006 Product Technology Award from ECN for the FLEXITERM™ V+ capacitor. The Product Technology Awards are chosen each year by the readers of ECN from a list of the magazines’ most viewed products.

“AVX is delighted to receive a 2006 ECN Product Technology Award for the FLEXITERM V+ capacitor,“ said Craig Hunter, AVX strategic marketing manager. “This award is particularly important to us because it is chosen by the readers and reinforces our long commitment to being the technology leader in our industry.”

FLEXITERM V+ is a new high voltage family which utilizes a soft termination system that overcomes the most common quality problem associated with the assembly of multilayer ceramic capacitors, namely thermal and mechanical shock. It allows greater component flexure compared to standard termination systems and therefore is more resilient to the stresses seen when populating some PCBs, and in demanding applications. Further enhancing the capabilities of a standard MLCC, it was developed as an additional flexible termination layer added to the component to ensure electrical integrity is maintained when external forces are applied and to prevent failures in the system due to cracking.

Internal tests show this new family can offer more than twice the resistance to board flexure and over three times the resistance to temperature cycle damage when compared to standard components.

FLEXITERM V+ is designed for applications such as snubbers in high frequency power converters, resonators in SMPS, and high voltage coupling/DC blocking because it exhibits low ESRs at high frequency.