AVX Honored by Electronic Products With Second Consecutive Product of the Year Award

LGA decoupling capacitor recognized as a 2006 Product of the Year

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components, has received the 2006 Product of the Year award from Electronic Products for the Land Grid Array (LGA) low inductance decoupling capacitor. The award will be presented during a ceremony at AVX’s Myrtle Beach, SC facilities.

“The Product of the Year award was established to identify and reward products that are innovative in their design, represent a significant advancement in a technology or its application, and display a substantial achievement in the price and/or performance of the device,” said Ralph Raiola, Electronic Products editor.

The LGA Decoupling Capacitor utilizes a new fine copper termination process to produce advanced decoupling capacitors that enable improved system performance by providing extremely low equivalent series inductance (ESL). The design builds on the technology employed by interdigitated capacitors (IDC) and reverse geometry multi-layer ceramic capacitors (LICC) to provide much lower inductance in an industry standard geometry chip. By offering very low inductance, the technology is ideal for the latest “on the package” and board-level decoupling applications.

“AVX is pleased to receive a 2006 Product of the Year award from Electronic Products for the LGA Decoupling Capacitor,“ said Craig Hunter, AVX strategic marketing manager. “Receiving this award for the second consecutive year validates our continued commitment to providing our customers with innovative technology in a variety of applications and environments.”