Electronic Products 2017 – Product of the Year

SAN DIEGO, California, January 5, 2018 — Ethertronics, the leader in high performance antenna system solutions, today announced it was honored with an Electronic Products’ Product of the Year Award for its Wi-Fi Active Steering™ platform for access points, gateways and client devices accelerate the next era of Wi-Fi.

Electronic Products, which is owned by the media group AspenCore, undertook a rigorous vetting process of products launched in 2017. The winning products were selected on the basis of innovative design, significant advancement in technology or application, and substantial achievement in price and performance.

Ethertronics’ latest Active Steering solution doubles throughput, range, and efficiency for high-performance 802.11ax/802.11ac systems and has been optimized for today’s market-leading Wi-Fi access point and client solutions. Additionally, the Active Steering technology implemented in the EC477/EC624 family provides performance and scalability for next-generation 802.11ax applications.

“According to a ElectronicProducts.com, ‘Ever-growing at-home data usage and deployment of IoT devices are driving the need for increased Wi-Fi throughput, capacity, and coverage. A focused antenna pattern (beam) can provide such increases, but a static pattern sacrifices performance in some areas to enhance others. By actively steering the beam, a system can automatically adjust the pattern to match user locations, even when moving.’

The 2017 Product of the Year Awards were announced in the January 2018 issue of Electronic Products with a cover feature and a brief description of each product. Additionally, the winning products appear on Electronic Products’ website.

2017 marks the 42nd annual Electronic Products’ “Product of the Year Awards,” recognizing the best products in the industry.

About Wi-Fi Active Steering
Wi-Fi Active Steering technology generates multiple radiation patterns from a single antenna structure, allowing one antenna to operate as four different antennas. Each antenna operates as a system to optimize radio link performance in real-time on a per-antenna / per-client basis. Ethertronics Wi-Fi Active Steering solutions have been shown in real-world testing to deliver 2X or greater throughput and coverage improvements, particularly under conditions of moderate to weak Wi-Fi signal coverage. The performance benefits of Active Steering are additive to gains realized through MIMO and beamforming techniques, and are scalable to next-generation 802.11ax technology. For more detail about Active Steering technology, visit www.ethertronics.com/active/

About Ethertronics
Ethertronics is a global leader and innovator in ultra-high performance smart antenna system solutions for wireless communications. Ethertronics Active Steering technology provides performance enhancements for throughput, range, efficiency and reliability across a range of applications, from mobile phones to Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things. Ethertronics has shipped over 1.7 billion antenna systems that are being used by leading wireless handset and device manufacturers worldwide. For more information, visit www.ethertronics.com.

Active Steering™ is a trademark of Ethertronics, Inc.