Elektra 2010 – Component of the Year Award

Elektra 2010 Component of the Year
AVX Receives Elektra 2010 ‘Component of the Year Award’ at Prestigious Electronics Event

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, recently received the Passive & Electromechanical Product of the Year at the Elektra Awards for its new surface mount polymer tantalum capacitors. Reviewed by an independent panel of judges, the Elektra 2010 European Electronics Industry Awards is an annual celebration of the European electronics industry that recognizes the achievements of individuals and companies.

The judges honored AVX’s new tantalum capacitors at the ceremony, acknowledging that the devices achieve a number of industry firsts, including delivering the highest operating voltage (50V) in the industry for a product of its type. Devices include the single anode TCJ Series with 10°F/35V and 1°F/50V CV ratings and the multi-anode TCM Series rated at 22°F/35V with lowest ESR in the industry at 25mΩ.

Other benefits recognized by the Elektra Awards judging panel include:

Suitable for high power output circuits, the polymer tantalum devices exhibit low ESR values, can operate at high line voltages, and can withstand high ripple currents.

Since the cathode layers are made of a conductive polymer, the devices do not contain oxygen molecules. This reduces the recommended voltage de-rating by up to 20% and makes the capacitors more robust and less susceptible to overloading and burning.

Providing the highest working voltage (50V) in the industry, the polymer tantalum capacitors reduce audible noise in LCD monitors and solve LED backlighting height restrictions. Further, tantalum capacitors with conductive polymer are more stable over ambient temperature and applied voltage ranges when compared to MLCC devices.

Their low profile enables the design of ultra-slim LCD monitors. These new surface mount devices are only 2.6mm (max) in height, which is lower than equivalent aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Therefore, they are suitable for designing thinner products such as LCD TVs.

Featuring a halogen free-compliant environmental responsive design, these new products meet all relevant environmental standards, including RoHS, REACH and WEEE. Recently, several major electronics makers have been removing potentially harmful materials including halogens, which have raised concerns about dioxin.

“In addition to award winning tantalum products, AVX manufactures a wide range of advanced components, including ceramic capacitors, connectors and timing devices. We are delighted to receive this award, which has been achieved thanks to the efforts of our innovative technical team and world class manufacturing operation” said Jiri Pernicky, marketing communications manager at AVX.