KYOCERA AVX is Showcasing Advanced Antennas, RF Components, & Automotive Sensors and Controls at CES 2023

CES 2023 marks KYOCERA AVX’s first year of participation at this legendary industry event. Exhibit highlights include advanced antenna and RF component solutions for IoT, 5G, healthcare, consumer electronics, and satellite communications applications as well as advanced sensor and control solutions for electromobility applications.

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (January 3, 2023) – KYOCERA AVX, a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future, is exhibiting at CES 2023, which will take place Thursday, January 5, through Sunday, January 8, in Las Vegas.

CES has earned a reputation as a proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators and is widely recognized as one of the most influential tech events in the world. The 2023 conference program will highlight advancements in AI and robotics, environment and sustainability, metaverse and gaming, digital health, vehicle tech and advanced mobility, home entertainment and streaming, smart home and lifestyle, the creator economy, NFTs, and Web3. The conference and exhibition will also address food tech, space tech, smart cities, digital retail, cybersecurity, 5G and mobile communications, and sports tech.

CES 2023 marks KYOCERA AVX’s first year of participation at this legendary industry event, which will consist of a main exhibition at booth #11123, a co-exhibit at the KYOCERA SLD Laser booth (#7075), and a panel discussion in partnership with the IMC IoT M2M Council. The panel, “Healthcare IoT – Wearables, Apps, and More,” will be recorded in the IMC booth (#11155) on Friday, January 6, and will feature Carmen Redondo, Director of Global Marketing – Antennas at KYOCERA AVX.

The KYOCERA AVX exhibits will be staffed by representatives including Carmen Redondo and Greg Dalton, Senior Director of Global Sales – RF Solutions, KYOCERA AVX, and Paul Rudy, Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, KYOCERA SLD Laser, and will showcase:

  • KYOCERA AVX antennas engineered to provide optimal performance in IoT, 5G, networking, healthcare, consumer electronics, and satellite communications applications.
  • KYOCERA AVX’s extensive range of advanced RF components optimized for use in 5G applications, including UBC Series ultra-broadband capacitors and a variety of filters, resistors, inductors, and couplers.
  • Antenna reference designs developed with KYOCERA AVX industry partners to hasten customers’ time-to-market cycles for 5G, LTE-M, Wi-Fi, and wBMS technologies.
  • KYOCERA AVX’s advanced laser-direct structuring (LDS) manufacturing process, which deploys conductive traces on injection-molded plastic and — unlike competing stamped metal and flexible printed circuits — enables the integration of complex mechanical designs in miniature 3D shapes and reduces assembly costs.
  • KYOCERA SLD Laser’s power management solutions for electromobility applications.

Exhibit highlights will include:

  • Samples of new KYOCERA AVX products that will be released to market in 2023, including the new A-Series AEC-Q200 antennas for automotive platforms, the new patented, high-accuracy ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas, and the new GNSS L1/L2/L5 SMD antennas based on LDS and featuring circular polarization.
  • Live demonstrations of KYOCERA AVX’s active antenna band switching solution and turntable for Wi-Fi throughput testing.
  • Video demonstrations and on-site samples of KYOCERA AVX active antenna solutions, including its P-Sensor hybrid antennas, which also act as proximity sensors, and its Active Steering antenna systems, which continuously optimize antenna directions, create multiple radiation patterns, and select the best one to achieve a significant increase in range, reliability, and speed in commercial and residential applications with challenging connectivity conditions
  • Customer case studies featuring KYOCERA AVX antenna solutions, including smart meters, asset trackers, and Swisscom’s new WLAN-Box 3, which is equipped with 10 custom, high-performance KYOCERA AVX antennas and delivers outstanding tri-band 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz performance in a compact form factor optimized for extending Wi-Fi range in residential applications.
  • The IoT Solutions Optimizer powered by Deutsche Telekom IoT and offered in partnership with KYOCERA AVX. This interactive digital twin design tool for battery-powered IoT solutions allows users to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively model and validate Narrowband IoT and LTE-M devices equipped with KYOCERA AVX antennas.
  • Compact, high-power-density on-board solid-state power switches for high-voltage and 48-volt automotive battery applications.
  • GaN and SiC power modules for half-bridge inverter configurations.
  • Air- and liquid-cooled on-board chargers respectively rated for 3.3kW and 6.6kW.

KYOCERA AVX’s advanced antenna and RF component technologies are tested and proven in 5G, sub-6GHz, and millimeter wave applications as well as cellular, 4G LTE, LPWAN, GNSS, Bluetooth, UWB, SATCOM, and Wi-Fi applications. KYOCERA SLD Laser’s advance sensor and control solutions are tested and proven in automotive power inverter, battery management system, and e-powertrain applications.

“We are thrilled to be participating in CES 2023 and are very excited about our first exhibition,” said Carmen Redondo, Director of Global Marketing – Antennas at KYOCERA AVX. “I’m especially looking forward to demonstrating our advanced antenna and RF component technologies and products for our customers and industry partners and to participating in the IMC panel discussion about healthcare IoT and sharing KYOCERA AVX’s vision and expertise in wireless hardware for next-generation applications.”

For more information about KYOCERA’s presentation and exhibition at CES 2023, please visit KYOCERA AVX at booth #11123 and KYOCERA SLD Laser at booth #7075 January 5–8 or reach out to Carmen Redondo or Paul Rudy. For more information about KYOCERA AVX’s extensive portfolio of advanced antenna and RF component solutions, please visit the Antenna Solutions Quick Reference Guide and sign up for the company’s RF Solutions newsletter. For further information about KYOCERA AVX, please visit, email, follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, like them on Facebook, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.