New SV Series High Voltage, Automotive Grade, Multilayer Ceramic, Radial-Leaded Capacitors

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. (May 12, 2015) – AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced the new SV Series high voltage, automotive grade, multilayer ceramic (MLC), radial-leaded capacitors. Qualified to AEC-Q200 and rated for 1,000VDC, the new SV Series capacitors are designed with C0G (NP0) Class I dielectric materials, which exhibit an extremely low dissipation factor — providing excellent high rms current handling capabilities with minimal power losses in medium to high power resonant converters — and radial leads, which enable the mechanical decoupling of the MLC chip from the board, and provide the maximum mechanical stress relief necessary for harsh automotive applications. Conformally coated to eliminate the potential for arc flashover, SV Series capacitors also exhibit excellent high frequency performance and capacitance retention with frequency.

Standard automotive applications that SV Series capacitors are ideal for include: underhood sensors (e.g., oxygen, EATC blower, fuel pump, anti-lock brake, front crash, headlight, and park and turn light sensors), water pumps, motor controls, and temperature regulation systems. Hybrid automotive applications that the series is particularly well suited for include: battery controls, inverter/converter circuits, and both wired and wireless charging stations, such as combined magnetic resonant induction chargers, DC/DC converters, and hybrid control and clutch control units (HCUs and CCUs). In addition to automotive applications, SV Series capacitors are also ideal for use in: high frequency power converters, resonators, snubbers, and general and SMPS power supplies, and can be used for AC line filtering, high voltage AC coupling, and high voltage DC blocking.

“The demand for low loss capacitors like the new SV Series high voltage, automotive grade, MLC radials is increasing in response to the emergence of strongly coupled magnetic resonance technology that enables the wireless transmission of power to recharge batteries,” said Nic Billig, product manager at AVX. “Although multiple parts may be required in parallel depending on the power transmission levels of the application at hand, the new SV Series capacitors reliably handle high rms currents with minimal power losses in a wide range of harsh automotive and power applications.”

SV Series capacitors are available in three case sizes, three tolerances (J, ±5%; K, ±10%; and M, ±20%), and with capacitance values spanning 1,000pF to 0.015µF. Rated for use in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C, the series is also available with both tin/lead and RoHS-compliant leads. All three case sizes are 5.08mm thick, but their length and height varies; SV05/SV55 cases measure 11.9mm x 10.2mm, SV13/SV63 cases measure 7.62mm x 9.14mm, and SV14/SV64 cases measure 10.2mm x 11.7mm. Packaged on tape and reel in 1,000-piece quantities, SV Series capacitors feature standard lead times, and pricing is available upon request.

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