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9001157 – GPS / GLONASS SMT Patch Antenna

Antenna Type:Internal (On Board)
Technology:GPS, GLONASS
Band:L1, G1, L1 / G1
Frequency:1563-1587 MHz, 1593-1610MHz
Peak Gain:1563-1587 MHz = 3.8 dBi
1593-1610MHz = 4.3 dBi
Average Efficiency:1563-1587 MHz = 65%
1593-1610MHz = 71%
Size (mm):18.0 x 18.0 x 4.0
Weight (grams):6
Antenna P/N:9001157
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KYOCERA AVX series of GPS / GLONASS SMT Patch Antennas deliver on the key needs of device designers for higher functionality and performance in embedded designs. These innovative antennas provide compelling advantages for GPS / GLONASS applications such as vehicle tracking.

Best in Class Performance

SMT patch antennas are designed to maintain high efficiency in a variety of device configurations while allowing automation during the assembly process. High selectivity eliminates the need for additional filters and frees up board space.