High Voltage Automotive MLC Radials (SV Style) – (Stacked/Leaded)

Features & Benefits
  • AEC-Q200 automotive qualified
  • Case sizes SV05/55, SV13/63, and SV14/64; (1kV Rated)
  • 1000pF to 0.015µF capacitance range
  • High AC rms current handling capability with minimal power losses
  • Leaded constructions provides superb mechanical stress relief (decoupling the MLCC from the board)
Typical Applications
  • Wired and wireless charging stations ( magnetic resonant induction chargers / DC-DC converter including hybrid control (CCU) for HEV/PEVs)
  • Automotive engine control units for filtering and conversion and on engine applications such as “under the hood” sensors and temperature regulation
  • General AC Line filtering, High Voltage AC Coupling / DC blocking, Resonator and Snubber Capacitors

Automotive grade, AEC-Q200 qualified SV-style capacitors are designed with COG (NPO), class I dielectric that is characterized with very low dielectric losses. This product is designed for AC applications requiring capacitors capable of handling high AC currents at high frequencies.
With emergence of strongly coupled magnetic resonance technology that allows for highly efficient wireless transmission of power to recharge batteries, the need for low loss capacitors is apparent. Thanks to their extremely low dissipation factor, automotive grade SV-style parts can reliably handle high rms currents with minimal power losses in medium to high power resonant converters. Multiple parts in parallel may be required depending on the power transmission levels.
The automotive grade SV-style capacitors are conformally coated eliminating possibility of arc flashover. The leaded construction provides mechanical decoupling of MLCC chip from the board and thus provides effective stress relief required for automotive applications.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Automotive MLC Radials (SV Style)
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