Radial – CH/CV Series

Features & Benefits
  • BS9100 approved
  • Voltage range 50-500 V DC
  • Dielectric: 2C1/X7R
  • Customized ceramic capacitor packages and lead frames available.
  • Capacitance Range: 10nF up to 180uF
  • Available in a G Spec (BS9100), no change spec
Typical Applications
  • Power supplies
  • Input current / voltage reduction
  • Output smoothing
  • High frequency electrical motors

The CH/CV range uses a number of different lead frame types which reduces the thermo-mechanical stresses, which makes them the designer’s choice for high reliability applications. In combination with this, the range used a stacked capacitor design which saves on PCB space. Capacitors utilize advanced multi-layer ceramic techniques to minimize ESR/ESL giving high current handling properties appropriate for filtering, smoothing and decoupling circuits. Performance of SMPS capacitors can be simulated by KYOCERA AVX SpiCalci software program. Custom values, ratings and configurations are also available.

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Part Number Information

CH/CV Series
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