Vertical – RoHS Compliant TurboCap™

Features & Benefits
  • Voltage Range: 25V and 100V
  • Capacitance Range: 8.2µF to 220µF
  • RoHS Compliant
Typical Applications
  • Filters in the input and output stages of switch mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Designed to handle high ripple current at high frequencies and high power levels

The RT series is the RoHS compliant version of the ST series. These RoHS Turbocaps™ are characterized with very high capacitance in a small volume. By vertical stacking of the ceramic elements, the footprint required for mounting the capacitors is greatly reduced. TurboCaps™ are ideally suited as filters in the input and output stages of switch mode power supplies (SMPS). The DIP leads in either thru-hole or surface mount configurations offer superior stress relief to the ceramic elements. The leads effectively decouple the parts from the board and minimize thermally or mechanically induced stresses encountered during assembly, temperature cycling, or other environmental conditions. With the added advantage of being RoHS compliant, these capacitors are ideal for today’s environmentally friendly electronics.

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Part Number Information

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