Arrays – Capacitor (IPC)

Features & Benefits
  • Voltage: up to 100V
  • Capacitance Range: 10pF (NP0) to 100nF (X7R)
  • Dielectric: NP0 (C0G) or X7R or (Optional X8R)
Typical Applications
  • Mobile and Cordless Phones
  • Digital Set Top Boxes
  • Computer Motherboards and Peripherals
  • Automotive applications
  • RF Modems
  • Networking Products

KYOCERA AVX is the market leader in the development and manufacture of capacitor arrays. The array family of products also includes the 0612 4-element device as well as 0508 2-element and 4-element series, all of which have received widespread acceptance in the marketplace. KYOCERA AVX capacitor arrays are available in X5R, X7R and NP0 (C0G) ceramic dielectrics to cover a broad range of capacitance values. Voltage ratings from 6.3 Volts up to 100 Volts are offered. KYOCERA AVX also now offers a range of automotive capacitor arrays qualified to AEC-Q200. Key markets for capacitor arrays are Mobile and Cordless Phones, Digital Set Top Boxes, Computer Motherboards and Peripherals as well as Automotive applications, RF Modems, Networking Products, etc.

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Part Number Information

Capacitor Array (IPC)
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