Arrays – Capacitor (IPC) with Flexiterm®

Flexiterm Arrays
Features & Benefits
  • Voltage: up to 100Vdc
  • Capacitance Range: 220pF to 100nF
  • Dielectric: X7R

Capacitor array is an IPC (Integrated Passive Component) and associates up to four capacitance elements in a single case. Case sizes from 0405 (2 pcs of 0402) to 0612 (4 pcs of 0603) are available. KYOCERA AVX FLEXITERM® dramatically improves capacitor array resistance to both – mechanical board flex damage and thermal shock damage.
Capacitor arrays offer designers board space saving, the opportunity to lower placement costs and to increase assembly line output. Capacitance range from 220pF up to 100nF is available. Nominal voltage rating up to 100Vdc. FLEXITERM® capacitor array is capable to survive a 5mm bending test – i.e. 2.5x more than AEC-Q200 standard requirement.

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Part Number Information

Capacitor Array
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