MLCC Gold Termination (Au)

Features & Benefits
  • RoHS compliant
  • Eliminates the use of tin and lead and the subsequent tin whiskering events on the PCB
  • Offers a range of gold thicknesses for flash terminations (soldering applications) from 1.9µin to 7.87µin
Typical Applications
  • Hybrid applications – used for wire bonding

KYOCERA AVX will support those customers for commercial and military Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors with a termination consisting of Gold. This termination is indicated by the use of a “7” or “G” in the 12th position of the KYOCERA AVX Catalog Part Number. This fulfills KYOCERA AVX’s commitment to providing a full range of products to our customers. Please contact the factory if you require additional information on our MLCC Gold Termination.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

MLCC Gold Termination - AU Series
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