Custom Automotive Interconnect Products

Custom Automotive Interconnect Products
Features & Benefits
  • Solder technology
  • Stitching technology
  • Press-fit Technology (VARIPINTM)
  • Insulation Displacement Contact Technology (IDC)
  • Compression Contact Technology
  • Over molded lead frames
  • Bondable surfaces
  • Mechatronic parts combined with additional features as sealing, integrated busbar, shunts, capacitors, filters and other components
Typical Applications
  • Engine Control Systems
  • Airbag Sensor & Control Systems
  • ABS/ESP Systems
  • Gearshift systems
  • Hybrid-Electrical devices
  • Comfort electronics
  • Sensors

KYOCERA AVX has been producing custom automotive connectors for over 20 years. Core to our technical and performance advantages are our proven contact technologies and innovative manufacturing capabilities. Combined, KYOCERA AVX’s custom capabilities manufacture some of the most complex and leading edge automotive connectors available today.

Emerging automotive electronics and systems are more complex and are constantly pushing the interconnect and total system integration development. One example is the growth of a complete Mechatronics solution. This process combines not only the connector functionality, but also integrates mechanical and electrical components such as bushings, buss bars, lead frames, gaskets and electrolytic capacitors. At the system level, connector pin counts have increased to over 200 contacts making connector design, manufacturing and placement very critical and precise. Laser welding of contacts and components are becoming very common processes to achieve the necessary results. New materials and processes are being developed to provide pure bondable surfaces for wire bonding.

Core to KYOCERA AVX’s contact technology offering is our industry proven Compliant or Press-fit Pin PCB termination that was developed and patented in the 1970’s. This solder less process provides a gas tight connection of the connector pin within the plated through hole in the PCB. The breadth of our automotive qualified pin range provides design flexibilities based on hole size, PCB thickness, operating temperature ranges and current carrying capabilities just to name a few.

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