9155-500 Series | Right Angle 2.5mm Pitch

Features & Benefits
  • Reliable stamped contact with coined nose
  • Full 1.5mm nose deflection for large operating range
  • Two anchor tabs for mechanical stability
  • 5000 cycle durability rating
  • Minimized X, Y and Z package dimensions
Typical Applications
  • Mobile Phones
  • Digital Music Players
  • Any Handheld Device

KYOCERA AVX extends the battery connector range with the addition of a low profile 2.5mm pitch right angle connector. This connector is offered in 2 to 5 positions and is rated at 3 amps. The connector’s design is small and compact to minimize its profile yet functionally stable having a contact point at 2.20mm above the PCB.

The unique design of this stamped contact allows for a maximum insulator height of 4.0mm which makes it size compatible with more expensive pogo pin style battery connectors.

The complete family of battery connectors from KYOCERA AVX offer all of the same advantages; Beryllium Copper base material for enhanced contact performance, a full 3 amp current rating, selective gold plating for 5000 mating cycles and high temperature plastic for RoHS soldering.

Datasheet / Catalog
Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Right Angle 2.5mm Pitch Battery: 9155-500
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