9159-060 Series | Coplanar/Linear – Open Ended Card Edge

00-9159 Open Ended
Features & Benefits
  • Miniaturized size, achieves 1.0mm in length for each number of contacts (4p = 4.0mm)
  • Double Ended/Double Sided contacts for increased pin count density on standard 1.6mm thick PCBs
  • Central polarizing/location rib assures proper mating and PCB location
  • High current capabilities: 3A; 4p/6p and 2.5A; 8p/10p
  • Economical high force Tin-to-Tin contact interface
Typical Applications
  • Linear LED strip lighting
  • Commercial/Industrial co-planar or extended card applications

KYOCERA AVX was challenged with increasing the pin count density as well as minimizing the size of the existing coplanar BTB card edge connector for linear strip lighting. The current product is a 2.0mm with single contacts that straddle the PCB to make electrical connection on both the top and bottom side of the board. By simply changing the contacts to a double sided configuration (separate contacts for both the top and bottom of the PCB), KYOCERA AVX was able to double the pin count in the same 2.0mm pitch with minimal to no impact on the electrical performance of the connector. Reducing the size of the connector required a complete new design as the target was a 4p connector with a total length of 4.0mm. To achieve this, KYOCERA AVX removed the end walls and then added a center support/keying rib to pre-align the PCB during mating. This rib then holds the PCB in the proper functional location.

The new family of connectors is available with contact sizes of 4, 6, 8 and 10 positions, doubling the current products range. The current rating will be 3A for the 4p and 6p, and then drop to 2.5A for the 8p and 10p connector. The connector supports the standard 1.6mm PCB thickness.

This new connector provides the highest density to reliably connect two in-line PCBs together in the most cost effective assembled solution. More importantly, the increased pin count allows for more flexibility in mixing and matching power and signal lines.

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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Open Ended Card Edge: 00-9159
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