9159-000 Series | Coplanar/Linear – Standard Card Edge

9159 Card Edge
Features & Benefits
  • Dual contacts provide positive contact force for enhanced reliability
  • Mates with standard 1.6 ± 0.15mm PCB on 2.0mm pad pitch
  • 3 amp current rating for high current applications
  • Available in white: supports SSL market preferences
Typical Applications
  • Coplanar PCB mating in SSL products
  • LED linear lighting strips

The 9159 series of Board-to-Board interconnect system allows two PCBs to be mated end-to-end creating strips of LED lighting. Designed specifically for the unique Solid State Lighting (SSL) market requiring coplanar (horizontal-to-horizontal) PCB mating. The 1-Piece Card Edge connector was developed to provide a reliable, low cost and simple means of connecting multiple PCBs together. The single stamped contact has dual contact beams to guarantee a high contact force on standard 1.6mm PCBs. These connectors are available in 2 through 5 positions and are on 2.0mm pitch centers to provide a 3 amp continuous rating.

Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Standard Card Edge: 00-9159
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