6781 Series | Automotive Ethernet Connector

6781 Series - Automotive Ethernet
Features & Benefits
  • Pitch: 1.8mm
  • Size: W: 10.8mm x D: 26.5mm x H: 12.7mm
  • No. of Positions: 2
  • Temperature Range: -40 to +125 °C.
  • Applicable cable:
    – UTP (Unshielded Twist Pair) – AWG.22 to AWG 26
    – STP (Shielded Twist Pair) – AWG26
Typical Applications
  • In-vehicle network
  • ECUs
  • Sensors (Camera/LiDAR/Radar)
Along with the progress of ADAS/AD (Autonomous Driving), data transmission rate between ECUs or sensor devices are getting higher. There is a need to reduce the weight of electric wires used in automobiles, and it is expected that Ethernet technology, which is capable of high-speed transmission and uses lightweight single pair cables, will be widely adopted.

Our newly developed automotive Ethernet connector, capable of high data transmission up to 1Gbps, not only contributes to weight reduction with its space saving design, but also provides design flexibility by supporting both UTP (Unshielded Twist Pair) & STP (Shielded Twist Pair) cable.

Datasheet / Catalog
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General Characteristics
General Characteristics
  • High-heat resistant up to 125 °C
  • Supports high data rate up to 1Gbps according to 1000BASE-T1 standard
  • Compatible with both UTP (Unshielded Twist Pair) & STP (Shielded Twist Pair) cable
  • Space saving design
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Question: What is the data rate this product can support?
Answer: Up to 1 Gbps according to 1000BASE-T1 standard.
Question: What type of the cable can be applied?
Answer: It is compatible with both UTP (Unshielded Twist Pair) & STP (Shielded Twist Pair).
Question: Is CPA version available?
Answer: It is under development. Please contact KYOCERA AVX for more details.