IDC / Press-Fit WTB – 53-8702

Features & Benefits
  • Proven “gas tight” cold welded wire termination to PCB
  • Redundant contact systems provides enhanced wire retention and PCB attachment
  • Replace costly 2-piece connector solutions
Typical Applications
  • Automotive Electronic Systems

For more than a decade, insulation displacement contacts (IDC) and press-fit or compliant pin technology have been proven to be two of the most reliable contact systems in critical automotive systems such as: airbag, engine and transmission control units.

KYOCERA AVX has combined these two contact technologies into a new and unique, high reliability WTB connection system to replace traditional 2-piece solutions, offering designers a new packaging option.

KYOCERA AVX provides engineering samples for test and validation in new automotive electronic systems. Please contact a local Field Applications Engineer ( for more details.

Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information

Part Number Information

IDC/Press-Fit: 53-8702
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