9296-11X | Poke-Home Vertical Contact Thru-Board Wire Insertion (12-18 AWG)

STRIPT Connectors
Features & Benefits
  • Maximum 20 Amps current rating meets robust application requirements
  • Accepts 12-18 AWG solid and stranded wires
  • Box contact with side walls provides maximum mechanical stability & wire retention
  • Tape and reel packaged for automated SMT placement
  • UL approved
Typical Applications
  • Machine Controls: motors, drives, solenoids, sensors, battery packs, fans and pumps
  • Commercial Buildings: controls, security, fire and sensors
  • SSL/LED: Fixtures, signage and street lights
  • Home appliance: Vacuums and floor cares, washing machines, dryers

KYOCERA AVX continues to develop unique connectors to fill the gap in the market. The newest addition to KYOCERA AVX’s broadening line of wire to board poke-home is the 12-18AWG box contact 9296-11X, which is extension of popular vertical poke-home contact 70-9296. This new box contact will allow all 12-18 AWG solid wires and stranded wires. All wire types can be used in both plated and un-plated condition.

This small contact is packed with several key features that provide significant functionality in a broad range of applications. The contact is designed for PCB surface mount and termination is accomplished with 12-18AWG wires pushed directly into the contact.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Poke-Home Vertical Contact Thru-Board Wire Insertion: 9296-11X
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