9175-000 Series | Standard IDC Connectors (26-28 AWG)

Features & Benefits
  • IDC contact provides a gas-tight connection to the PCB for long term reliability
  • Connector housing captures the wire insulation for positive strain relief
  • Tested to automotive levels on shock, vibration and temperature cycling for reliability
  • Low and high volume assembly tools to match production volumes
  • Reduced total applied cost versus solder or crimp processes
  • High temperature insulator capable to 260 degrees C reflow soldering processes
Typical Applications
  • Connecting discrete wire components directly to the PCB
  • Bringing power and signals onto a PCB
  • Daisy chaining PCBs together to create a continuous string of boards

The 9175 series accepts 26 AWG to 28 AWG wires with an insulation diameter ranging from 0.7mm to 1.0mm. These single contact connectors support a 1 amp current rating and have a split SMT tail design to provide maximum stability on the PCB. Available in a 2p and 3p configuration, these connectors can be end stackable for higher pin counts.