FILFIM Products

Features & Benefits
  • Standard capacitance ratings available to 612µF
  • Standard cases 350×185; 520×185; 695×185
  • Rectangular profile base 340×117 which allows:
    – Lower thermal resistance Higher Rms current capability
    – Lower serial resistance Higher thermal exchange
    – Lower stray inductance
Typical Applications

    DC voltage filtering for:

  • DC link
  • Resonant filtering
  • Active correction (FACTS)
  • HVDC
  • High Power DC Supply

Filfim capacitors are designed for DC filtering application up to 56kV as standard, with higher voltages up to 100kV available on request.
DESIGN: FIM technology provides excellent lifetime performance with no pressure switch required due to their controlled self-healing design. FILFIM products use hermetically sealed stainless steal and use high-purity oil which is non-flammable under normal conditions, making them safe for transportation and usage.
MOUNTING: Vertical mounting is preferred although horizontal is acceptable. Please contact KYOCERA AVX for up-side down mounting configuration

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Part Number Information

FILFIM Products
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