CL Series – High Surge Voltage

CL Series
Features & Benefits
  • AECQ200 Qualifed
  • No Piezoeffect
  • Non polar construction
Typical Applications
  • Developed to withstand high line surges common in telecom application
  • Meets the telecom lightning strike protection standards
  • HID ignitor

Film chip capacitor using a naked and stacked construction with metallized Polyethylene Naphtalate film (PEN) Usage of a multitrack technology results to an equivalent serial construction which gives better high voltage surge handling capability. Suitable for applications with voltage requirement below 1KV and where SMD is mandatory. The self-healing property of the PEN film provides an open failure mode with increased overall reliability. PEN film capacitors provide low DC bias, low dielectric absorption similar to NPO multilayer ceramic capacitors but are able to provide increased capacitance values similar to X7R ceramic capacitors. PEN capacitors exhibit excellent thermal shock resistance. Use of High Temperature dielectric film (PEN) makes these capacitors suitable for IR or Vapor Phase Reflow. Customized designs available on request.

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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

High Surge Voltage - CL Series
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