Thin Film – Accu-L® 0603 and 0805

0603 Thin Film
Features & Benefits
  • High Q, High SRF
  • Low DC Resistance
  • Ultra-Tight Tolerance on Inductance
  • Low Profile
  • Taped and Reeled
Typical Applications
  • Mobile Communications
  • Satellite TV Receivers
  • GPS
  • Vehicle Locations Systems
  • Filters
  • Matching Networks

The Accu-L® inductor is particularly suited for the telecommunications industry where there is a continuing trend towards miniaturization and increasing frequencies. The Accu-L® inductor meets both the performance and tolerance requirements of present cellular frequencies 450MHz and 900MHz and of future frequencies, such as 1700MHz, 1900MHz and 2400MHz. Thin film inductors featuring extreme lot-to-lot repeatability and tight tolerance. The use of very low-loss dielectric materials, silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride, in conjunction with highly conductive electrode metals results in low ESR and high Q. These high-frequency characteristics change at a slower rate with increasing frequency than for ceramic microwave inductors. Because of the thin-film technology, the above-mentioned frequency characteristics are obtained without significant compromise of properties required for surface mounting.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

Accu-L® 0603 and 0805
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