Custom Thin Film Filters

Features & Benefits
  • High Accuracy (No Shrinkage, Precise Patterning) Due to Thin Film Process
  • Customizable Device Size
  • Highly Reproducible
Typical Applications
  • RF/Microwave
  • Medical
  • Military/Defense
  • Telecommunications

Thin film filters provide excellent filtering using high accuracy processing in smaller device sizes than competing technologies can provide. Our filter processing methods provide: no shrinkage, low noise, and design flexibility. Optimized manufacturing and reliable materials allow us to achieve consistent manufacturing results. Designs are available in 2 different forms; Lumped Element (LE) for frequencies from 500MHz to 5GHz and Distributed (D) for frequencies from 1GHz to 100+GHz. The lumped element designs use a integrated combination of discrete inductors and capacitors where the size of the components is less than wavelength of the highest critical frequency. Distributed designs have bigger dimensions than the largest wavelength. Most designs can be manufactured in surface mount (SMT), wire bondable, ball grid array (BGA), and land-grid array (LGA) devices. Many devices can be offered on multiple substrates including silicon, quartz, glass, alumina, and others.