200A Series BX Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors (MLCs)

200A Series
Features & Benefits
  • Case A Size (.055″ x .055″)
  • Capacitance Range 510 pF to 0.01 uF
  • Low ESR/ESL
  • Mid-K
  • Rugged Construction
  • High Reliability

KYOCERA AVX, the industry leader, offers new improved ESR/ESL performance for the 200A Series BX Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors. This Series exhibits high volumetric efficiency with superior IR characteristics. Ceramic construction provides a rugged, hermetic package.

Datasheet / Catalogs
Datasheet / Catalogs – Click to Download
Functional Applications
  • Bypass
  • Coupling
  • DC Blocking
Circuit Applications
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Broadband Coupling
  • Small Signal Amplifiers
Part Number Information
Part Number Information

200A Series
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