RF MLO® Capacitors

MLO® Technology
Features & Benefits
  • Expansion Matched to PCB
  • Low ESR
  • Tight Tolerance
  • Hi-Q®
  • High Self Resonance
  • Low Dielectric Absorption (0.0015%)
Typical Applications
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Filter Networks
  • Instrumentation

Multilayer Organic Capacitors (MLO®) are polymer based capacitors that use high conductivity copper interconnects in a multilayer fashion. The ability to fabricate these components on large area substrates and state of the art laser direct imaging allow for improved cost benefits and tolerance control. The end result is a state of the art low ESR and high SRF low profile RF capacitor that can support frequencies well above one GHz. Available in capacitance values from .1pF to 5.1pF at a working voltage from 50-250VDC. Tolerances available as tight at ± 0.02pF.

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Part Number Information
Part Number Information

MLO™ Series; Size 0603
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