Hybrid 3dB – DB0402 90° Couplers

Features & Benefits
  • Inherent Low Profile
  • Self Alignment during Reflow
  • Excellent Solderability
  • Low Parasitics
  • Better Heat Dissipation
Typical Applications
  • 4G / 5G LTE
  • Base Stations
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Mobile communications
  • Satellite TV receivers
  • GPS
  • Vehicle location systems
  • Wireless LAN’s

The ITF 3dB LGA Coupler is based on thin-film multilayer technology. The technology provides a miniature part with excellent high frequency performance and rugged construction for reliable automatic assembly. The ITF Coupler is offered in a variety frequency bands compatible with various types of high frequency wireless systems.

Part Number Information
Part Number Information

DB0402 3dB 90&deg
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