Custom Filter Plates & Assemblies

Custom Filter Plates & Assemblies
Features & Benefits
  • Multi-component sizes available
  • Designs may incorporate QPL or QPL equivalents or a specified reliability level
  • May be manufactured to provide a hermetic barrier
Typical Applications
  • Military – flight panels, defense device or apparatus

The mechanical stress and extreme temperatures a filter encounters during installation into assemblies is normally the harshest environment they will experience during the life of a system. AVX will design and fabricate filter brackets to your spec with 100% testing and burn-in using our superior solder-in style filters. Our custom designed filter bracket will reduce your yield losses, eliminate rework, reduce assembly costs, and help to minimize your inventory.

  • The size is basically unlimited and determined by the quantity and style of filters selected
    • Number of components/individual circuits can range from 2 to 200 filters of different styles and electrical characteristics
  • Most filter plates can be manufactured to provide a hermetic barrier on one side of the assembly
    • Some bracket assemblies are more cost effective and volumetrically efficient as non-hermetic assemblies where application allows
    • True hermetic plates on both sides are available but only in a capacitive circuit
  • Wiring harnesses or flex cables can be attached and completely tested prior to delivery
  • Individual terminals may be gold plated or solder coated
  • Filters plates can be tested to similar requirements as the individual filters
  • AVX filter engineers can help you design and analyze the best option to meet your specific requirements
Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information
Part Number Information
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