Military/Aerospace – Custom Source Controlled Drawings (SCD)

Custom Source Controlled Drawings
Features & Benefits
  • Semi-custom and custom designs developed for customer requirements
  • Thorough review conducted of customer Source Controlled Drawings, including applicable recommendations, or adjustments for enhanced product performance.
  • Dedicated unique internal part number to every semi-custom and custom component.
Typical Applications
  • Space
  • Military
  • Most often done for satellite products or special flight assemblies

Custom products involve variations in electrical parameters, testing, and limited mechanical changes from standard product designs but give both the customer and the designer freedom to specify non-standard mechanical and electrical filter designs to best meet the needs of the application and product assurance. Since design and applications vary, most AVX customers prefer to provide their own source controlled drawing (SCD), which includes specialized design, dimensions, and electrical performance specifications. AVX can review your requirements and assist you with any parameter specifications as needed.

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Part Number Information
Part Number Information
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