Cylindrical EMI Filters

Features & Benefits
  • Meets or exceeds applicable portions of Mil-PRF-28861
  • Circuits available C, L, T, and π depending on size
  • Current ratings up to 65 amps
Typical Applications
  • Power line applications
  • Anywhere lower frequency filtering w/ or w/o higher voltage capability is needed
  • Aircraft lightening protection
  • Radar

Cylindrical style filters are designed for bulkhead mounting in a slotted hole with the nut and lock-washer supplied.

  • Provide filtering from 30 KHz to 10 GHz, depending on the size and configuration
  • Have effective attenuation over a wide range of circuit impedances
  • Alternate lead configurations or special capacitance values may also be ordered
  • Available in .310 inches to .690 inches diameter dimensions
  • Fully hermetic and one-sided hermetic styles are impervious to high moisture, solvents, and other severe environmental conditions
  • Non-hermetic style provides an environmental barrier with an epoxy seal on both ends
Datasheet / Catalog
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Part Number Information
Part Number Information
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