Dipped Radial – TEP Series

Features & Benefits
  • Tin-Lead (Sn/Pb) Finish Product
  • CV range: 0.10 – 330µF / 6.3 – 50V
  • Capacitance range of 0.10 µF to 330 µF
Typical Applications
  • Experimental electronics
  • Special instrumentation

TEP is a Tin–Lead finish version of the conformally coated tantalum radial leaded capacitor (TAP), It is a professional grade device manufactured with a flame retardant coating and featuring low leakage current and impedance, very small physical sizes and exceptional temperature stability, available in bulk and T&R packaging for auto insertion. The wide range of Capacitance, working voltages and case sizes enables TEP to accommodate to almost any application.

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Technical Information
Part Number Information
Part Number Information

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