Multi-RAT multi-connectivity active steering antenna technology for IoT, Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G


This paper presents an active steering antenna system that intuitively beam steers for the best RF signal, achieving ubiquitous coverage and throughput enhancement. The direction of antenna radiation pattern can be arbitrarily rotated in accordance with the passive and active tuning elements. Using 802.11ac Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi 5 as an example, the authors present a demonstration and experimental result of an active steering antenna feedback system and how it can improve the coverage and throughput. The sensing and control algorithm of the active steering antenna system is applicable for different communication protocols, makes it feasible in a multi radio access technology (RAT), multi connectivity scenario with aggregation of traffic flows from different sources such as IoT, Wi-Fi 6, and 5th generation new radio (5G NR).


IEEE Xplore®


January 26, 2020

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