Bob Gourdeau “Leader in Highlight” Interview | Women in Electronics Radio

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WE Founder and President Jackie Mattox chats with Bob Gourdeau, VP Sales Americas at AVX. Bob describes his journey through the industry, having served in various positions along the way, to now celebrating 8 years with AVX. Bob shares the commitment and investment AVX places on women in leadership and openly discusses the challenges women face in a mature, male-dominated industry. Bob describes the importance of taking risks to hire the best candidate for the position, and also how the key mentorship principles that his father gave him early-on have helped him to this day in his career journey, 36 years later.

Jackie Mattox continues the conversation with Bob Gourdeau, industry veteran, regarding important leadership discussions leading into 2021 and beyond. Bob brings light to some critical leadership principles, such as “Always do the right thing. You never know who’s watching.” Bob emphasizes the importance of a diversity mindset throughout the organization by implementation through accountability measures directly linked to compensation, refreshed corporate policies, and HR procedures that support recruitment and retention of diverse talent. Listen in to Bob’s list of 10 things every rising leader can do in order to advance their career that takes zero talent and his key learning lessons along his own journey. He also talks about AVX as being a stable and agile company with a positive growth plan heading into our modern, ever-evolving world.

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