1001312 – Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Zigbee Ceramic Antenna

Antenna Type:Internal (On Board)
Technology:WiFi / Bluetooth / WLAN / BLE / ZIGBEE
Band:802.11 b/g
Frequency:2400-2485 MHz
Peak Gain:1.88 dBi
Size (mm):2.0 x 1.2 x 0.55
Weight (grams):0.003
Antenna P/N:1001312
Evaluation Board P/N:1001312-01
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This series of ceramic Isolated Magnetic Dipole™ (IMD) antennas deliver on the key needs of device designers for higher functionality and performance in smaller/thinner designs.

Real-World Performance and Implementation

Ceramic antennas may look alike on the outside, but the important difference is inside. Other antennas may contain simple PIFA or monopole designs that interact with their surroundings, complicating layout or changing performance with use position. These antennas utilize patented IMD technology to deliver a unique size and performance combination.