J-CAP™ Series – SSD

JCap Series
Features & Benefits
  • Highest Energy per Volume
  • Fast DCL Drop with Voltage Applied After
  • Benign Failure Mode Under Recommended Use Conditions
  • Low ESR
  • Undertab Terminations Layout:
    – High Volumetric Efficiency
    – Low Profile Case Sizes
    – High Capacitance in Smaller Dimensions
    – Close Positioning of Several Parts for Efficient High Density PCB Layout
  • 3x reflow cycles according to J-STD-020
  • 100% Surge Current Tested
Typical Applications
  • Power Backup for SSDs (MLC, SLC, EFD, PCIe)
  • Battery-Powered Portable Equipment
  • Industrial Alarms
  • Smart Power Meters
  • Mobile Devices

Highest Joule/cc J-CAP™ Conductive Polymer cathode solid electrolytic chip capacitors are designed to provide high energy, small, low profile solutions for demanding solid-state drive (SSD) applications. Exhibiting low ESR and the highest energy per volume (Joules/cc) of any comparable SMT capacitor currently available on the market. Voltage offering from 6.3V up to 50V. Focused to serve long time operational life and robustness via optimized internal design, material and 100% temp/voltage aging and 100% low resistance surge testing. Designed with undertab terminations for maximum volumetric efficiency and high PCB assembly density. The conductive polymer electrode exhibits a benign failure mode under recommended use conditions. Lead-free, halogen free compound, RoHS compliant components.